Ticinese Marrons glacés & Panna

A Chestnut Masterpiece. Candied chestnuts, a favourite speciality of the Ticino region, have inspired our Maîtres Glaciers to come up with this extraordinary recipe. A refined chestnut ice cream and a creamy Panna ice cream are combined to create a full-flavoured taste of pleasure, finished with candied chestnut pieces from Ticino and a dash of Kirsch. Mmm – heaven!

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  • marron-glace

    Candied chestnuts

    Ticino is famous for its chestnuts. Candied chestnuts are a particularly distinctive speciality with a long tradition. To make them, peeled chestnuts are candied for several days in a sugar syrup and then coated with a thin glaze. The candied chestnut pieces in this limited edition are sourced from a producer in Ticino, who candies the chestnuts using a traditional recipe dating from 1871.
  • Swiss cream

    Swiss cream

    Switzerland has a long-established tradition of dairy-farming and milk processing, infused with the know-how of many generations. For this reason, our recipe contains nothing but premium-quality Swiss cream, painstakingly produced from the best Swiss cow’s milk.

Product information

SKU :xxxxxxx
SKU :xxxxxxxxxxx
  • The compact format for exclusive moments of pleasure in between.
    MÖVENPICK Limited Edition Ticinese Marrons glacés & Panna, Ice Cream, 175ml Cup
  • The ideal format for connoisseurs and ice cream pleasure for two.
    MÖVENPICK Limited Edition Ticinese Marrons glacés & Panna, Ice Cream, 500ml tub
  • Allergen

    • Milk and dairy products
    • Lactose
    • Eggs and products thereof
    • Cereals containing gluten and products thereof
    • May contain traces of nuts and products thereof
  • Nutritional facts

    Nutrition information: 100 g  
    Energy 961 kJ  
    Energy 229 kcal  
    Fat 9,5 g  
    - of wich saturates 5,1 g  
    Carbohydrate 31,1 g  
    - of which sugars 25,9 g  
    Fibre 0,6 g  
    Protein 4,1 g  
    Salt 0,14 g  


  • Ingredients

    Chestnut ice cream (52%) with candied chestnut pieces (8%) and ice cream (40%)
    Ingredients: Whole *milk*,  *cream* (*milk* product),  sugar,  glucose syrup (from *wheat*),  chestnut (4.6%), skimmed *milk* powder,  *whey* powder (*milk* product),  water, *egg* yolk, cherry spirit,  citrus fibres,  caramelised sugar, natural flavourings.
    may contain traces of other *tree nuts*
    Store at -18°C or lower

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