the bees

Save the Bees

Switzerland is blooming

“Save the bees” is the motto for the new Mövenpick Swiss Honey Almond ice cream. For this meaningful project we work together with Swiss farmers to make Switzerland bloom and work towards more biodiversity.

Anouk mit Honey Almond

With our new Swiss Honey Almond ice cream, a delicious vanilla ice cream with chestnut honey from Ticino and caramelised almond pieces, we want to set an example by supporting biodiversity in Switzerland. Studies show that biodiversity and insect density are decreasing.

Together with Swiss farmers, we are taking this responsibility by supporting the biodiversity project “Switzerland is blooming”, which fosters the seeding of flower strips. Not only bees and insects, for which we are creating the ideal habitat, enjoy the colorful flower strips, but also the Swiss population.

On the interactive map provided by the Swiss Farmers’ Union you can find all the locations of these flower strips. Curious? You are most welcome to come by and enjoy the splendid blossoms.

For our #sensations Swiss Honey Almond ice cream we don’t use just any honey. We receive chestnut honey from Ticino supplied by our beekeeper, Mr. Hummel.

The chestnut honey which makes this ice cream so exceptional is characterized by its unique, intense flavor, and harmonises perfectly with the vanilla ice cream.

Mr. Hummel has been beekeeping since his youth and runs his own apiary. He has over 500 bee colonies, which he cares for with passion. Mr. Hummel emphasises the importance of bees and insects for our ecosystem: “The bee is the third most important livestock in food production and is responsible for 80% of pollination. It helps to ensure biodiversity and food security.”

Imker Hummel
Biene auf Blume
Lisa Produktentwicklerin

At Mövenpick, we select all ingredients with passion.  This is true as well for our new #sensations Swiss Honey Almond ice cream. Lisa Weber, our product developer tasted numerous types of honey, searching the ideal match for our ice cream. The chestnut honey from Ticino clearly stood out. This full-bodied and flavorful honey is ideal for sweet dessert creations like our Mövenpick #sensations Swiss Honey Almond. The caramelised almond pieces make this ice cream a true delight for the senses.