Passion fruit  sorbet

Passion Fruit & Mango

The exotic dream couple. The intensive flavour of sun-ripened passion fruit is the natural basis of this velvety sorbet, whose texture is punctuated by succulent pieces of mango fruit, providing a refreshing contrast. Send your palate off on an exotic holiday - enjoy and be happy.

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  • passion fruit

    Passion fruit

    The flavoursome passion fruit varieties from South America with their sweet-and-sour aroma give this sorbet its very special note, and the 42% fruit content ensures an authentic taste of passion fruit.
  • Mango


    As this sorbet has “exotic” written all over it, our Maîtres Glaciers really went the whole way, finishing off with pieces of pulpy sweet mango. The succulent Alfonso mangos from India turned out to be ideal: They have a characteristic “bite” and a sweetness providing a delightful contrast to the subtle acidity of the velvety passion fruit sorbet.

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Passion Fruit & Mango
  • The ideal format for connoisseurs and ice cream pleasure for two.
    MÖVENPICK Passion Fruit & Mango, Sorbet, 500ml Tub
  • The large-size format for special moments of pleasure to share.
    MÖVENPICK Passion Fruit & Mango, Sorbet, 900ml Tub
  • The handy gastro tubs for professionals - ideal for a large assortment of products.
    MÖVENPICK Passion Fruit & Mango, Sorbet, 2400ml Bulk Tub
  • Allergen

    • May contain traces of tree nuts and milk.
    • Ice cream and sorbet recipe containing glucose syrup and/or dextrose derived from wheat. Glucose syrup and dextrose, even if they are derived from wheat, are considered as gluten free by Swiss and EU regulation.


  • Nutritional facts

    Nutrition information: 100 g  
    Energy 561 kJ  
    Energy 132 kcal  
    Fat 0,2 g  
    - of wich saturates 0,0 g  
    Carbohydrate 30,2 g  
    - of which sugars 28,9 g  
    Fibre 1,0 g  
    Protein 0,9 g  
    Salt 0,07 g  


  • Ingredients

    Passion fruit sorbet with mango pieces. Fruit content: 42%


    Ingredients: Passion fruit juice and pulp (30.7%), water, sugar,  dextrose (from corn and *wheat*), mango pieces (6.5%), lemon juice from concentrate (4.6%), glucose syrup,  mango puree (0.9%), thickeners (carob gum, pectin), hydrolysed pea protein, citrus fibres, natural flavourings.


    May contain traces of *tree nuts* and *milk*.

    Store at -18°C or lower.

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