Your concerns matter to us. Therefore please find here the frequently asked questions with the corresponding answers.


  • I am allergic to peanuts. Are your products safe for me?

Yes. None of our products contain the peanut allergen.


  • I’m allergic to nuts. Are your products safe for me?

No. Some of our recipes contain nuts (almond, hazelnut, walnut, pecan nut, macadamia nut, pistachio, etc.). The nut ingredient in these recipes is shown in bold in the list of ingredients. As a precautionary measure, all our products carry the warning “may contain nuts”. Other than these possible traces, the following products do not contain nuts:

  • Ice creams: Caramelita; Vanilla Dream; Swiss Chocolate; Stracciatella; Strawberry; Blueberry Cheesecake; Cappuccino; Cinnamon; Coconut & Chocolate; Crème Brûlée; Double Crème de la Gruyère & Meringues; Vanilla & Brownies; Mint Chocolate; Panna Cotta; Rum Raisin; Tiramisu; White Chocolate; Yogurt; Stick Vanilla Dream with Caramel
  • Sorbets: Apricot; Banana; Blackcurrant; Lemon; Lemon & Lime; Mango; Passion Fruit & Mango; Pear; Raspberry; Raspberry & Strawberry.
  • Ice cream and sorbet mix: Blackcurrant & Cream; Exotic Fruits & Swiss Cream; Forest Fruits & Swiss Cream; Mango & Cream.
  • Do your ice creams contain gluten?

Yes, some of our products contain cereals which have gluten in them. For these products, the cereals which contain gluten are shown in bold in the list of ingredients. The following flavours contain gluten:

  • Ice cream: Almond & Vanilla; Blueberry Cheescake; Double Crème de la Gruyère & Meringues; Hazelnut; Tiramisu; Vanilla & Brownies; White Chocolate
  • The Sticks may contain traces of gluten (Vanilla Dream & Caramel; Vanilla Dream with Almond; Maple Walnut).

The rest of the range does not contain gluten.

Please also check the allergen list of all our products.


  • Do all your products contain lactose or dairy products?

Apart from the “Fruity & Creamy” range, all our products contain dairy products (including our sorbets) and therefore contain lactose. The “Fruity & Creamy” range consists of two flavours “Exotic Fruits & Swiss Cream” and “Forest Fruits & Swiss Cream”, which are designed to be lactose free (remaining Lactose <0.1%). This range is “lactose free”, not “milk free”. Therefore it is not suitable for people who are allergic to milk or dairy products. However, it does meet “lactose free” requirements and is suitable for people who are lactose intolerant.


  • Do your ice creams contain egg?

Yes, all our ice cream recipes contain egg yolk which is used as a natural emulsifier.  The egg or egg yolk ingredient in these recipes is shown in bold in the list of ingredients (see the list of allergens).


  • Apart from dairy products and egg-based products, do your ice creams contain any other animal ingredients?



  • There is a problem with the tub of ice cream I bought. Who should I contact?

Please contact our customer services. You will find the number on all our packaging. For Switzerland: 0800 860 010, from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm.


  • How do you control quality during production?

We care deeply about customer service, the quality of our products, and regulatory compliance.

The quality and the food safety of our products is ensured by our quality management system (NQMS) based on:

  • our experience and know-how,
  • national and international legislation (CH/EU),
  • Codex Alimentarius guidelines and
  • international standards such as:
    • ISO 9001,
    • ISO 14001,
    • OHSAS 18001 and
    • FSSC 22000.

Our quality management system (NQMS) is based on:

  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) principles.

All our products meet local market legal and regulatory requirements.

Our factory is audited every year by independent auditors who check that our Quality Management System (NQMS) meets standard requirements.

As an international brand, we have also chosen to comply with international food safety standards such as ISO 22000, to ensure we implement a unified approach. Our Rorschach factory in Switzerland was awarded ISO FSSC 22000:2010 certification in December 2011.


  • Where do the ingredients used in your ice creams come from?

Our quality management system (NQMS) ensures strict traceability and requires us to document and provide information about the raw ingredients we use and our finished products, as a matter of course.

We buy all our raw ingredients and packaging materials from accredited suppliers.  As well as regular quality controls performed on deliveries received at the factory, we have designed a programme to monitor contaminants and other parameters depending on the type of product concerned, in order to guarantee a premium quality product. The parameters of this monitoring programme are reviewed every year by food specialists and adjusted to accommodate recent issues within the food industry.


  • Are your products natural?

Mövenpick ice creams and sorbets are made using only natural ingredients which are chosen with care. The main ingredient of our ice cream is cream. We do not use vegetable fats as a directly added ingredient. The main ingredient in our sorbets is blended fruit and/or fruit concentrate.

All our ingredients and food additives come from well-known sources (plants, animals, minerals, micro-organisms) and are obtained using physical, enzyme and/or microbiological processes.

We only use natural flavourings. We do not use flavours which are identical to natural flavours, or artificial aromas.

Fruit or vegetable concentrates and/or extracts are used for colouring. We do not use artificial colouring.

Our ice creams and sorbets do not contain any colourings or artificial additives like mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids.


  • Are any of your products Halal-certified?

Yes, some of our products are “Halal” certified.


  • Are any of your products Kosher-certified?



  • Do your products contain palm oil?

Apart from our two cones, Caramelita and Espresso Croquant, the whole Mövenpick range is free from palm oil. Palm oil is present as an ingredient in the chocolate as it offers the best protection against moisture for the waffle, to keep it crunchy. The final quantity of it is 1.3% of the product.

The main ingredients used to make our “Mövenpick - The Art of Swiss Ice Cream” ice cream are cream, various dairy products, sugars and egg yolk. Most of our creations are enhanced with various ingredients such as chocolate, nuts, caramel, fruit and biscuits. We only use high quality products which do not contain additives, colourings or artificial flavours. When we design our products, we select natural ingredients with the greatest of care.


  • Do you use any vegetable fats in your products?

We never use vegetable fat in our ice cream base. However, some of our ingredients, such as caramelised walnuts, contain small amounts of vegetable oil as it is needed to make them.


  • Are your ice creams suitable for vegetarians?

  • Vegans (who don’t eat dairy products, eggs or any other animal products) cannot eat our products.
  • Lacto-ovo-vegetarians (who eat dairy products and eggs but not meat or fish) can eat our products. Our products do contain some ingredients which come from animals: our ice creams contain cream, dairy products and egg yolk, and our sorbets contain milk proteins and sometimes egg whites. Our manufacturing plant is free from pork and derivative products. Our products do not contain meat or poultry. They do not contain gelatine of animal origin.
  • Lacto-vegetarians (who eat dairy products but not eggs) cannot eat our ice creams. This is because all our ice creams contain egg yolk. However, they can eat the following sorbets:
  • Apricot; Blackcurrant; Lemon; Lemon & Lime; Mango; Passion Fruit & Mango; Pear; Raspberry; Raspberry & Strawberry.
  • Ovo-vegetarians (who eat eggs but not dairy products) cannot eat our products. This is because all our products contain milk proteins, including our sorbets.


  • Are there any ‘light’ products?

No. Our philosophy is to choose natural ingredients with the greatest care, selecting authentic ingredients where possible. That means we don’t use any artificial sweeteners. However, that doesn’t stop us from making delicious and less calorific ice creams such as our Fruity & Creamy range which only contains 100 kcal/100 ml.


  • I want to find a Mövenpick flavour that I tasted in a boutique. Can I buy it as a tub?

Yes, many of the flavours sold in our ice cream boutiques can also be bought from retail outlets. However, some flavours are designed differently depending on whether they are to be sold in a restaurant setting or at a retail outlet. You can find out more about the selection in the Collection section on our website, which will tell you which range the flavour you’re looking for belongs to.


  • I have a suggestion for a new product, who should I talk to?

Mövenpick Ice Cream would love to hear from you! Write to us in the “Contact us” section.


  • Can I get Mövenpick ice creams near me, in my country?

The “Where to find us” section will tell you where your nearest store or concession is, and also lists our retail outlet partners. Get in touch with us if there’s anything else you’d like to know. We’ll be delighted to help you!


  • I’d like to sell your ice creams, who should I contact?

Get in touch straight away via the “Contact us” section!


  • I want to contact Mövenpick Ice Cream, what should I do?

Mövenpick Ice Cream would love to hear from you! Write to us in the “Contact us” section.


  • I’m interested in opening a Mövenpick boutique, who should I contact?

Get in touch straight away via the “Contact us” section!


  • I’m a journalist, how can I get some photos or a press pack?

Contact us without further delay via the section " US Contact "!


  • I’d like to work for Mövenpick, where can I find out more?

Please go to http://www.nestle.com/jobs